Wednesday, 17 June 2009

British Airways asks staff to work without pay for a month

It's with mixed feelings I notice that BA has asked its employees to work without pay for a month; Schadenfreude, in that this organisation has put its own greed before our quality of life, contrasted with sadness, because we are witnessing yet another British company "fighting for its own survival".
BA management is commendably trying everything to avoid job losses, however it's clear that redundancies are the logical next step. Asking employees to "play their part" like this, without giving any extra job security seems rather one-sided.
At the end of the day, management will decide who gets made redundant and you can be fairly sure that Chief Executive Willie Walsh won't be laying himself off in a hurry, even if he is selflessly forgoing a month's salary from his annual £735,000 paycheck.
Time for BA employees to jump the sinking ship (err, plane)?

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